Our company was invited to Zhengzhou Thermal Group for special training

January 01, 1970

Henan Zhong An Electronic Detection Technology CO.,LTD.


    On September 11, 2020, our company's professional technicians conducted special training on limited space operation for Zhengzhou Thermal Group Co., Ltd. The main content of the training was the correct wearing and use of air respirators. Won the warm welcome of the Thermal Group and achieved remarkable results. Air respirator is a kind of protective equipment for human respiratory organs, which is used for reconnaissance, fire fighting, rescue and emergency rescue at scenes with dense smoke, poisonous gas, irritating gas or severe hypoxia. Positive pressure air respirator has the advantages of reliable performance, high safety, comfortable wearing, comfortable breathing, strong adaptability to the human body, wide field of vision, good air tightness, small size, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Positive pressure air breathing apparatus is mainly composed of high-pressure air cylinder and cylinder valve, cylinder strap, pressure reducer, air supply valve, full face mask, pressure gauge, residual air alarm, back frame, medium pressure soft tube, high pressure soft tube It is composed of catheter, waist belt and shoulder strap.

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