Gas alarm installation precautions

January 01, 1970

(1) There must be no strong electromagnetic fields (such as high-power motors and transformers) that affect the operation of the instrument around the alarm.

(2) The alarm is a safety instrument, sound and light display function, and it should be installed in the place where the staff can easily see and hear, so as to eliminate hidden dangers in time.

(3) The installation height of the alarm should generally be 160-170cm so that the maintenance personnel can carry out routine maintenance.

(4) The alarm probe is mainly a detection element that contacts the combustion gas sensor. The platinum wire coil is coated with alumina and a binder to form a sphere. On the outer surface, platinum, palladium, and other rare metals are attached. Therefore, be careful when installing to avoid damaging the probe.

(5) The density of the gas to be measured is different. The installation position of the indoor probe should also be different. When the measured gas density is less than the air density, the probe should be installed 30cm away from the roof, down direction; otherwise, the probe should be installed 30cm away from the ground, upward direction.

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